This year was filled with inspired and unforgettable food, drinks and venues

And a few clearly stood out from the rest...

Best Pizza

Margarita Pizza
||   Cielo at the Four Seasons (poolside)

why: crispy, floury crust, fresh mozzarella, a rich and flavor-packed tomato sauce and fragrant basil

Best Salad

Cucumber Salad
||   Peacemaker Lobster & Crab

why: thinly sliced cucumber and radish with sunflower seeds, fresh dill and a bright vinaigrette

Best Cocktail

Darth Bocephus
||   The Libertine

why: perfectly balanced flavors of bourbon, benedictine, honey, sarsaparilla and black walnut

Best Chicken Liver

||   Dressel's Public House

why: generous portions of sinfully rich chicken liver perfectly fried and slightly spicy

Best Bar Food

Brezen Board
||   Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery & Bierhall

why: fresh-from-the-oven pretzels, crispy radishes and your pick of fresh butter or mustards

Best Dessert

Maple Budino
||   The Libertine

why: heady flavors of coffee tuile, maple ginger gastrique and World's Fair doughnut ice cream

Best Beer

||   Urban Chestnut Midtown Brewery & Biergarten

why: a refreshing Flemish dubbel, unique in St. Louis

Best New Product

||   Lion's Tooth Dandelion Liquor

why: lightly sweet, earthy, and totally unique; an inspiring new cocktail ingredient

Best Crab Cake

Maryland Crab Cake
||   Coastal Bistro

why: generous fresh, lump crab, perfectly seasoned

Best Event Space

The Caramel Room
||   Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

why: approachable elegance filled with texture and color

Best Bar

||   Element

why: a dramatic bar in a warm and inviting space filled with brick, low lighting and great views of the downtown skyline

Best Event

||   Outstanding in the Field at Such and Such Farm with Chef Josh Galliano

why: magical