Drive Business

Is Your Website Driving Business?

Your website is one of your most critical marketing tools. Even if your website looks good, if you’re not regularly updating content and technology, you could be losing sales and an edge over your competitors. 

Update Your Content
If your content isn't refreshed periodically, don’t expect your profits to change either. Even if your base business hasn't changed, there is always an opportunity to showcase your expertise and talent through blog posts, published work, event summaries, new photography and customer testimonials.

Don’t Look So Last Year
An outdated website can imply an outdated business or a lack of interest. An annual refresh is recommended, with smaller refinements occurring throughout the year.

Showcase the Latest
New integrations with social media and other web-based tools are introduced into the market constantly. Put them to work for you and present your business as a technology leader.

Be Your Mobile Best
More websites are viewed on mobile devices than on desktop computers in the US and Google favors mobile-responsive websites in their search rankings. Ensure yours looks good on every screen.