Make sure your website is doing all it can to drive business.


There are many tools out today that can help you determine if potential customers are finding your website based on their Google searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of fine-tuning your website to ensure that they do.

For Wordpress sites, the Yoast plugin has long been an effective way to easily check the status of and make changes to your SEO. Just install and start analyzing your pages.

Squarespace has just launched a direct integration with Google Search Console that allows you to easily see which keywords are driving the most visitors to your site.

Keyword Analysis

We will research what keywords people are already using to find your website. We will also uncover what keywords are working well for your top competitors.

Page Optimization

We will enhance page content for those keywords that people are already using to find you online. And, if the keywords you want people to be finding you with are not working, we will add new content or pages that will boost search performance for those, as well.

Ongoing Assessment

We will keep tracking effectiveness and make incremental adjustments to fine tune your search results.