A strong social media campaign focuses on meaningful content that encourages engagement.


Why Use Social?

Your customers (and your competitors) are on social media, so you should be, too. It's much more affordable and far-reaching than traditional marketing and its inherent shareable nature encourages customers to spread the word to their networks (boosting your brand recognition and SEO). Plus, paid promotions allow high-level audience targeting to reach your desired customer.

Our Process

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, it takes time to master and the fast-paced changes of social media platforms can be frustrating. When you are overwhelmed and don't have the time, we take over.

We first define a social media management strategy through research of relevant content, platforms, audience and competitors. We create an editorial calendar that addresses all of the important aspects identified in the research. We then post compelling and timely content, engage with influencers and coordinate with other marketing efforts. We continuously improve by analyzing metrics, gaining insights and noting best practices. We also address negative comments and reviews to keep your reputation intact.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success in social media isn't exactly linear because the connection between social media and the consumer isn't always direct. A "like" is just the beginning of a process of building trust between you and your customer. Eventually, a purchase is made, your content is shared and your exposure builds to greater and greater audiences. This takes time and it's almost impossible to trace the end result to the first impression. As long as you are putting out quality content, product and services and you are getting recognition, you are doing it right.

Even so, it is helpful to set goals in order to assess what's working and what isn't. Here are a few useful metrics (tracked monthly and annually):

  • Increase in impressions
  • Increase in followers
  • Increase in engagements
  • Cost per lead (for promoted posts)