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Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, it takes time to master and the fast-paced changes of social media platforms can be frustrating. When you are overwhelmed and don't have the time, we take over.

We first define a social media strategy through research of relevant content, platforms, audience and competitors. We create an editorial calendar that addresses all of the important aspects identified in the research. We then post compelling and timely content, engage with influencers and coordinate with other marketing efforts. We continuously improve by analyzing metrics, gaining insights and noting best practices. We also address negative comments to keep your reputation intact.

Social Media

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How do you measure success?

When launching a new social media account, it's best to set goals in order to assess what's working and what isn't. Here are a few useful metrics:

  • Percentage increase in followers, month over month and year over year
  • Percentage increase in engagements, month over month and year over year
  • Most popular channels by content and audience
  • Costs per lead (for promoted posts)

In addition, by setting up effective sales tracking, the best indicator of success is increased revenue tied to social media performance.