Reach more followers with meaningful content.


Why Use Social?


These days, consumers expect access and transparency. They are social media, so you should be, too. A dynamic digital presences draws audiences in with engaging imagery and in-depth stories that personalize your brand. It's much more affordable and far-reaching than traditional marketing and its inherent shareable nature encourages customers to spread the word to their networks (boosting your brand recognition and SEO). And, paid promotions can reach an even greater audience with high-level targeting to reach your desired customer.

Our Process

We want to keep your existing followers engaged while also attract new followers. What will set you apart from the rest and drive traffic is to focus on unique content (and not post the same type of content every day) that is relevant and engaging. Timely information, compelling human interest, company or artist spotlights, genuine passion and, of course, gorgeous photography – these all make for a winning social media presence.

The tools in our social media toolbox include audience and competitor research, a living editorial calendar that informs on-brand and timely messaging. We post content and engage with followers regularly. We continuously analyze metrics, gaining insights and noting best practices. We also address negative comments and reviews to keep your reputation intact.

Regular posting is key to remain relevant and top of mind. However, as Facebook and Instagram posts are not presented chronologically, it’s important not to “compete” with your own posts by posting too many in one day or even over 48 hours. We even suggest a 3x/week schedule – this will allow you to focus on quality content rather than quantity so that you will receive more likes and engagement, thus training algorithms to view yours as a prominent account and send you straight to the top.

During a major event, real-time posts and reshares are encouraged to communicate excitement and the breadth of content happening in just a short time.

What Does Success Look Like?

You can’t put together a successful strategy for your journey if you don’t have a strong sense of where you are today. Which content resonates best? Which social channels are most worth investing in for your business? Who is your target audience on social?

It’s important to emphasize that while a high follower count might seem like the most important target to achieve, what’s really going to matter in the long run is engagement – this is defined as likes and comments. This is what will contribute to a lasting relationship. Dollars follow likes and engagement so if you are focused on crafting the best content, profits will follow. Success in social media isn't linear, however, as the connection between social media and the consumer isn't always direct. A "like" is just the beginning of a trust-building process between you and your customer. Eventually, a purchase is made, your content is shared and your exposure builds to greater and greater audiences. This takes time and it's almost impossible to trace the end result to the first impression.

Your goals might be specific targets on followers, engagement or shares in a certain time frame. You might be focused on major events throughout the year and hitting attendance and ticket sales. You might be wanting to see more engagement on your posts to know you’ve hit your mark with content. Or, you might want to track that you’re gaining the attention of key audiences. Once these are identified, key indicators will be identified for monthly tracking. Another good way to assess success is to track social media performance alongside overall profit and tie high-performing sales days to well-performing posts. This requires close collaboration between the social media manager and the financial manager and an overlay of data to be able to compare performance over time.

Promoted posts and paid ads offer more of a direct correlation between individual posts and purchases. If your post includes a link to purchase an item, profits can be directly attributed to that social campaign. Especially on Facebook, where there are no hashtags to mine, paid campaigns are often more successful than organic posts.