If 2016 brought to the mainstream locavorism, ramen, smoothie breakfast bowls, acai, kombucha, boozy slushies, elevated toast, matcha, rolled ice cream, spiralized vegetables, supergrains, grass-fed meats, nose-to-tail butchers, bone broth, octopus, sea urchins, kimchi, vegetable-forward menus, specialty crop farming, independent restaurant and grocery delivery, ready-to-assemble meal kits, La Croix, healthy fast-casual, Filipino cuisine, mega-garnished Bloody Marys, rising wages and "unicorn" ice cream and other rainbow foods, what will this year bring?

It's been forecast that in 2017 we can expect socially- and sustainability-conscious dining, even more vegetables ("root-to-leaf"), Native American and foraged cuisine, heirloom produce, tropical fruits, hyper-regional international dishes, fat-washed cocktails, low- and no-alcohol drinks, gorgeously-plated foods ready for their close up and a renewed commitment to hospitality.

Grab a seat and dig in!