Content Before Design In Website Design

From a website designer's perspective, content -- the meat of the individual or company -- is what inspires a wholly unique and effective website design. This is where every project here at EngageTaste begins.

From the more simple decisions such as the number of pages the site will need to more complex aspects such as the type of imagery, fonts and layout that will be most appropriate, content guides it all.

To illustrate this concept, it might be helpful to understand some of the types of considerations that go into some typical web pages: 

Home Page

What is your mission or vision? Who are you trying to do business with? Why should they care? 

Products or Services

What is it? What problem does it solve? What are the benefits? What does it cost? How does someone obtain it? 


What makes you unique? What is your elevator pitch? How was your company founded? Who is on your team?


What are common questions that people have about the work you do? 


What is your perspective on the type of work you do?

With EngageTaste, you have access to our writers, as well as designers, that can help to ensure your message is successfully communicated both visually and contextually. We are concerned with helping you create the highest quality, illuminating content -- just enough; not too much -- that will set your product or service far above others in your field.

Sara GrahamComment