How to Gain Loyal Customers and Rise Above Your Competitors Through Great Branding

Have you ever received a proposal or brochure from someone and then looked at their website and it looeds like a completely different company? 

So many companies underestimate the importance of brand consistency and how it impacts their success. Consumers trust brands they recognize! And everything that influences your consumer's impression of your business becomes part of your brand's identity. Therefore, it's vital that your brand remains both consistent and easily recognizable.

Simply put, consistency makes your brand feel more dependable.

Why Is Brand Consistency So Important?

  • It creates confidence in your business.
    It builds trust and familiarity between you and your consumers. People will always return to businesses they recognize the most.
  • It communicates a solid message.
    Branding communicates a message that impacts the way consumers perceive your business. Brand consistency communicates your company's mission and values.
  • It promotes loyalty.
    Consumers will continue to recommend products or services when they can depend on them.

10 Tips For A Successful Branding Strategy

  1. Always use the same logo and imagery across print and digital design.
  2. Choose a consistent color palette.
  3. Create a style guide to educate employees on your brand messaging guidelines.
  4. Use the same formatting and structure for all content.
  5. Maintain the same quality and color variations by using the same printer.
  6. Try to stick to the same brand name on all social media channels.
  7. Create a tone for your brand and be consistent with that voice in both print and online.
  8. Use consistent editing and writing styles.
  9. Remain consistent with social media posting; stick to a consistent publishing schedule.
  10. Decide what your brand's selling points are and use them in all of your marketing.

Dana Clark is a graphic designer with EngageTaste and founder of Yellow Dog Creative.

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