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Chef Logan Ely Is Back, with a New Pop-Up on the Loop — and a Call to Rethink Food

There’s a new sheriff — err, chef — in town, one who’s bringing a new perspective to St. Louis diners. But is it really new, or is it ancient?

Chef Logan Ely, a St. Louis native who recently returned to the city after twelve years cooking in hotspots around the world, believes that chefs must rethink the idea of food when faced with the world’s rapidly growing population and demands on our lands and oceans.

The 32-year-old has recently launched a pop-up series, with dinners at 8 p.m. every Friday and Sunday in the Delmar Loop. Those interested reach out on social media and then receive a phone call with details on location, pricing and parking. Ely calls it "the Square One Project."


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