A Tasteful Recipe For Cocktail Afficionados

Intoxicology is not just a liquor store -- it's a store ABOUT liquor. In fact, it's the only one of its kind in the nation. Not only do they offer a carefully curated selection of the best spirits in every category, they also allow you to sample before you buy; provide instructive classes from the city's best bartenders and source the hottest bitters, shrubs, glassware, recipe books, tools and even ice so that you can stock your home bar with everything you need to create exquisite cocktails.


When designing their website, they sought the "Cadillac" of web building tools that would reflect their high-quality products and strong passion for the craft of cocktailing. Squarespace fit their aesthetic to a "T" with its image-oriented layouts, clean design and crucial integrations like calendars and blogs.