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A website is often your first impression and one of your most critical marketing tools. Let us help you make it memorable!

Simple Website

Modern and mobile-responsive with SEO basic setup. Examples: starter websites, personal websites, portfolio websites and marketing or “brochure” websites for small businesses just getting started.

Website Design Tuneup

You’ve already got a perfectly fine site, but you want a little more polish, maybe more streamlined organization, maybe take advantage of the latest integrations bells and whistles.


For sites that have more than 10 pages, require substantial editing/re-organization or include a significant number of elements. Examples: established sites, redesigns or multi-layered businesses and organizations.

Advanced Website

Custom designs and more specialized features or content, custom coding or 3rd party software integrations Examples: projects and businesses that require marketing automation, bookings or sophisticated email campaigns.

Fully Bespoke Website

One-of-a-kind websites with deep functionality relying on custom code. 

Simple Online Store

Modern and mobile-responsive functional eCommerce website integrated with features such as shipping and accounting. Examples include merchants with 20 products or less. read more

Advanced Online Store

Custom designs and specialized eCommerce features. Examples include merchants selling a large variety of products and services and who have complex technical needs for their online store. read more

All of our projects include website design, basic SEO setup, training and 1 month of post-launch support and will generally fall into one of these packages:

Our Process

A website can take a week or several weeks to design and launch. The timing depends on how long it takes us to reach a design solution and on whether all content is final and ready to go.


Design Questionnaire

We begin the design process with a brief questionnaire to assess what you like and what you don’t and make major design decisions that will affect the first phase of the website design.

Wire Frame & Content Collection

Next, I will ask for your list of pages and sub-pages, final content and images. If we are working on content and images together, we’ll begin this here. Design flows in part from your imagery and quantity of content, so this should be final by at least 85% before design begins.

Design Phase

We start with the home page to confirm major design decisions, fonts, colors and overall look/feel. Once we’ve got the design to about 85%, we will continue on to the rest of the pages. We will also optimize the user experience, making sure visitors find what they need through thoughtful content, structure and overall usability.

Final Review

Once all of the pages have been built out, we’ll review final design for overall look/feel, consistency and grammar and make any tweaks needed.


After the design has been finalized, snippets for web crawlers will be added to all of your major pages.


Before we launch, you will be fully trained on Squarespace basics as well as each unique aspect of your website so that you will be empowered to keep adding to it going forward. Gone are the days of a static website that functioned like a business card. Websites of today are living documents that are continuously refreshed with current information.


The last step! At this time, we’ll connect the domain to Squarespace and initiate the process of making your new site live! If you are setting up an email address with your domain, we’ll do this here.